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Andrew Cannon
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Latest Product Announcements:

Caring for Epoxy Surfaces

Caring for your epoxy surfaces is simple. Over time, your epoxy surfaces may become dull or develop shallow scratches in the surface. Cleaning: use a streak-free glass cleaner. Polishing: use any wood or furniture polish that is non-yellowing and is rated for scratch filling. Be sure to rub in with a microfiber cloth, and place…

New Charitable Project: The No Limits Pulpit Stand

There are many churches that give of themselves and have very little. Such is the case with one of the churches near me. I was asked if I would be interested in building a nice pulpit stand to donate (not by this church but by a friend), and I agreed. Let me share the design…

A New Direction for 3C

Starting a business has been an amazing journey. This has really always just been a hobby for me. 3C is and will remain a registered LLC. My family and I will still do local shows because we like doing that together. I recently started full-time at a church again. The last seven months have been…


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Full list of services:

  • Engraving
  • Sign Making
  • Custom Wood/Metal Builds
  • Epoxy Countertops
  • Epoxy Floors, painted floors, stained floors
  • Table/Fence/Concrete/ and other surface refinishing.

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