A New Direction for 3C

Starting a business has been an amazing journey. This has really always just been a hobby for me. 3C is and will remain a registered LLC. My family and I will still do local shows because we like doing that together. I recently started full-time at a church again. The last seven months have been amazing. I love getting to serve people by making and engraving things. For my current clients, I still want to be available for you. Just contact me with your needs. I have determined, with my change of scenery, though that all my “profits” will remain in the business and be used for charity work, making me available to serve my friends as a hobby instead of as a person who needs to get money by building and engraving things. I will not be as available but I will be available. Since serving people is such a great way to meet them and share about our ministry, I would be glad to accept new clients–as long as you don’t mind my limited availability to work on projects or refinishes. For the most part, I am no longer available for the home services I have been offering, but please ask if you would like to know about a specific project.

Thank you to all the clients who have supported us. You will notice that my Etsy shop no longer exists. The demand was too much for my new schedule to accommodate. I know some are disappointed, but know that, once I get settled in, I may slowly open a new online shop designed to accommodate the new demands on my life. I can still handle some bulk engraving orders and some bulk product orders (like ornaments); Praise God for automated systems that don’t need me present to operate!! Personal engravings and custom orders will be limited to weekend projects for me.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Your servant,

Published by Andrew Paul Cannon

Nothing about me matters. Let me point you to King Jesus.

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