New Charitable Project: The No Limits Pulpit Stand

There are many churches that give of themselves and have very little. Such is the case with one of the churches near me. I was asked if I would be interested in building a nice pulpit stand to donate (not by this church but by a friend), and I agreed. Let me share the design with you.

This pulpit stand will stand approximately 48″ off the ground and features a two-toned design complete with cabinets and a blue epoxy accent stripe on the front. It also features a port for a pulpit microphone and a chord chamber inside so that any microphone chords cannot be snagged on anything sitting on the shelves or accidentally pulled from behind the pulpit.

The top sits flat for better balance and so that the preacher or speaker may set coffee or water on it without dealing with a difficult angle. Cabinet doors keep the storage space, complete with shelves, hidden for an aesthetically pleasing approach no matter what is stored.

My retail price for a pulpit stand like this one would regularly be $1,081.71 without any extra engravings. Of course, I am providing it free of charge because I love doing this kind of stuff, and I love serving people. I do need help paying for the project. If you feel so led, I would greatly appreciate your help doing this for someone who will be very blessed by the finished product. Any funds I receive this month over the cost of this project will go directly to the local church to help them get what they need to make other repairs and adjustments to the rest of their new building. I think there is much need there. If you would like any information about the church this pulpit stand will be donated to, please contact me with any questions.


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Future projects on my list:

  • Lending libraries for the Literacy Alliance of Columbus, GA.

If you would like to nominate an individual or organization in need of a custom anything, please contact me.

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