Custom RV Tables Are In

Over the past several weeks, I’ve done more custom RV tables than anything else. Each one is unique, one-of-a-kind.

My most recent client found me through an Etsy listing, and requested something completely different than what was described on that listing–not uncommon. Everyone wants something different. Some clients even send me pictures and simply say, “Make something that will look good right here” (my favorite kind of challenge).

I love custom projects. This client wanted black-washed wood treated for a semi-gloss finish with cupholders and liners and a half bull-nose edge. It was a fun project. I finished it and sent pictures, and the client wanted to make changes last minute. He wanted changes and to maintain the shipping date (not easy).

The changes required me to remove the liners and do some work to reverse the semi-gloss for a fully reflective surface, reinsert the liners, and refinish the cupholders–all of which I was happy to do. Yes. I maintained the previous shipping date.

The liners turned out really nice with the seamless finish on the inside of the cupholders. The edges came out crisp, and this tabletop will make an elegant centerpiece for the RV it will call home.

While I can do fancy marbling, mimic stone, include any engravings imaginable, make table and countertops look like the ocean or a beach, concrete, or anything else, most clients just want something simple and elegant. It can be tempting for anyone to pour their own epoxy, but there is much more than pouring involved. There is certainly very careful attention to detail.

Whether you need a custom RV top, restaurant tables, a fixture for your dining room, or anything else, I would love the opportunity to provide your one-of-a-kind piece locally or not. If you need an epoxy pour on your current surface, I am happy to serve you locally in MGA. I always keep my clients informed along the way so that you can request changes during the process. Let’s take that next step for your home, business, or leisure together.

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