Caring for Epoxy Surfaces

Caring for your epoxy surfaces is simple. Over time, your epoxy surfaces may become dull or develop shallow scratches in the surface. Cleaning: use a streak-free glass cleaner. Polishing: use any wood or furniture polish that is non-yellowing and is rated for scratch filling. Be sure to rub in with a microfiber cloth, and placeContinue reading “Caring for Epoxy Surfaces”

New Charitable Project: The No Limits Pulpit Stand

There are many churches that give of themselves and have very little. Such is the case with one of the churches near me. I was asked if I would be interested in building a nice pulpit stand to donate (not by this church but by a friend), and I agreed. Let me share the designContinue reading “New Charitable Project: The No Limits Pulpit Stand”

A New Direction for 3C

Starting a business has been an amazing journey. This has really always just been a hobby for me. 3C is and will remain a registered LLC. My family and I will still do local shows because we like doing that together. I recently started full-time at a church again. The last seven months have beenContinue reading “A New Direction for 3C”

Refinishing Your Fence

Your home or business comes with all sorts of maintenance needs, not the least of which are your surfaces. Today, I want to focus on your fence. I spent the last year developing a method of fence renewal. I am talking about restoring its natural beauty instead of just staining it and forgetting to restoreContinue reading “Refinishing Your Fence”