Low-Cost Renovations and Refinishing for Churches and Non-Profits

When it comes to revitalizing your property, I have a special place in my heart for non-profits. Because of your work for our community, you don’t often have the funds you need to get much-needed work done. Something as simple as a floor-refinish not only beautifies your property but actually makes it last much longer and can keep your building safe from things like mold or termites. Properties need to be maintained. I understand the financial struggle because I am and have been in ministry for a long time.

This is part of my ministry to non-profits in MGA. I wish I could do everything you need free of all costs to you, but I can give non-profits a significant discount on services–significantly lowering the price of a new floor, a welcome center or reception desk, a new countertop, altar, or pulpit stand–your custom anything to beautify and protect your facilities to help with your cause.

Even when it comes to getting your custom signage or treating your outdoor wood, bricks, or concrete, I want to make sure your facilities are attractive and longevous. So, contact me today. I’ll be sure to get you taken care of at prices lower than I can provide for most of my clients.

Andrew Cannon

Custom RV Tables Are In

Over the past several weeks, I’ve done more custom RV tables than anything else. Each one is unique, one-of-a-kind.

My most recent client found me through an Etsy listing, and requested something completely different than what was described on that listing–not uncommon. Everyone wants something different. Some clients even send me pictures and simply say, “Make something that will look good right here” (my favorite kind of challenge).

I love custom projects. This client wanted black-washed wood treated for a semi-gloss finish with cupholders and liners and a half bull-nose edge. It was a fun project. I finished it and sent pictures, and the client wanted to make changes last minute. He wanted changes and to maintain the shipping date (not easy).

The changes required me to remove the liners and do some work to reverse the semi-gloss for a fully reflective surface, reinsert the liners, and refinish the cupholders–all of which I was happy to do. Yes. I maintained the previous shipping date.

The liners turned out really nice with the seamless finish on the inside of the cupholders. The edges came out crisp, and this tabletop will make an elegant centerpiece for the RV it will call home.

While I can do fancy marbling, mimic stone, include any engravings imaginable, make table and countertops look like the ocean or a beach, concrete, or anything else, most clients just want something simple and elegant. It can be tempting for anyone to pour their own epoxy, but there is much more than pouring involved. There is certainly very careful attention to detail.

Whether you need a custom RV top, restaurant tables, a fixture for your dining room, or anything else, I would love the opportunity to provide your one-of-a-kind piece locally or not. If you need an epoxy pour on your current surface, I am happy to serve you locally in MGA. I always keep my clients informed along the way so that you can request changes during the process. Let’s take that next step for your home, business, or leisure together.

email: andrew@cannoncraftcuts.com
text: 478-508-3753

Labor Day Sale: Custom Anything, Floors, Countertops, Decks, and more.

Now through September 4, 2023, we will build or refinish your anything and give you a 20% discount.

Whether you are looking for a garage floor stain and treatment, a new cutting board, a custom countertop or piece of furniture, we’ve got you covered.

You can receive this discount even if we can’t get to your project until after Labor Day. We will schedule as far out as you need and as soon as we can. For your custom piece, whatever it is, we are serving clients in order of the orders we receive.

This is the perfect time to order your bulk ornaments for the Christmas season.

If you don’t know what you want but need something, we are glad to offer our design services for any space or need. We would be glad to provide wholesale and bulk pricing if it would exceed our 20% discount during the duration of this offer.

Contact us to get your quote started today. As always, you can earn points on all purchases to use as credit toward future projects.

email: andrew@cannoncraftcuts
text: 478-508-3753

New Charitable Project: The No Limits Pulpit Stand

There are many churches that give of themselves and have very little. Such is the case with one of the churches near me. I was asked if I would be interested in building a nice pulpit stand to donate (not by this church but by a friend), and I agreed. Let me share the design with you.

This pulpit stand will stand approximately 48″ off the ground and features a two-toned design complete with cabinets and a blue epoxy accent stripe on the front. It also features a port for a pulpit microphone and a chord chamber inside so that any microphone chords cannot be snagged on anything sitting on the shelves or accidentally pulled from behind the pulpit.

The top sits flat for better balance and so that the preacher or speaker may set coffee or water on it without dealing with a difficult angle. Cabinet doors keep the storage space, complete with shelves, hidden for an aesthetically pleasing approach no matter what is stored.

My retail price for a pulpit stand like this one would regularly be $1,081.71 without any extra engravings. Of course, I am providing it free of charge because I love doing this kind of stuff, and I love serving people. I do need help paying for the project. If you feel so led, I would greatly appreciate your help doing this for someone who will be very blessed by the finished product. Any funds I receive this month over the cost of this project will go directly to the local church to help them get what they need to make other repairs and adjustments to the rest of their new building. I think there is much need there. If you would like any information about the church this pulpit stand will be donated to, please contact me with any questions.


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Future projects on my list:

  • Lending libraries for the Literacy Alliance of Columbus, GA.

If you would like to nominate an individual or organization in need of a custom anything, please contact me.

Refinishing Your Fence

Your home or business comes with all sorts of maintenance needs, not the least of which are your surfaces.

Today, I want to focus on your fence. I spent the last year developing a method of fence renewal. I am talking about restoring its natural beauty instead of just staining it and forgetting to restore its integrity. If your fence is greying, letting in moisture, warping, cracking, or something else, it is past time to call us to deep clean your fence (not merely remove external grime), restore its integrity by conditioning the wood, and treat the wood to protect it for the next 2-4 years. Of course, we can stain it, too, if you want.

In 2023, we are offering this service at a 20% promotional discount for the bundle (clean, condition, and treat). Instead of $12.93/linear foot, you pay only $10.34/linear foot.








Clean, Condition, Treat Package

Replace Privacy Fence

Our Price/Linear Foot








We Don’t Install

MGA Average



Not offered by most






*Our pricing differs because we don’t merely powerwash but remove grime from within the wood. We use better-performing treatment solutions, not just water sealer.

Your needs depend on your fence. It is best to contract with us when your fence is new, eliminating the need to clean and condition your wood surface. $6/linear foot will save you from having to replace your fence at more than $40/linear foot on the low end. Since the recommended time to reseal your fence is every 2-4 years, we can see your savings by contracting with us instead of waiting until you need to replace your fence. For a 250ft standard-height wood privacy fence, two sides:

  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4

Spend $3,000 to treat

Free Annual Inspection

Free Annual Inspection

Free Annual Inspection

Don’t treat

Greying, weathering

Greying, weathering

Fence repair or replacement. $10,410

If your fence needs treatment every two years, you save $4,000 every 4 years on fence maintenance–that’s $1,000 a year because you hired us. If your fence needs treatment less frequently, every four years, you save $7,000 over that same four-year period–that’s $1,750 each year. If your fence is already greying and showing signs of wear, and you hire us at $5,170 to rehab a 250-foot fence (both sides) and, in 2 years your fence needs to be retreated for $3,000, you still save $2,000 over that four-year period–that’s $500 per year. Upkeep always costs less than replacement. We will even automatically schedule an annual inspection to be sure your fence is properly treated and remains so year after year. If your fence is not a privacy fence, we can talk about a quote just for you.

Oh, that annual inspection I mentioned. If you’re not sure whether your fence needs to be treated, we will come to inspect it. Our inspection fee is $100, and we will inspect all your surfaces and build you a report. If you hire us to come to treat your fence (or any surface), that $100 inspection fee will be applied to your overall bill. Once we service your property, we will provide the next annual inspection free so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of when your surfaces need to be maintained.

Contact us today to schedule your inspection or fence renewal at our flat rate described above.

Which services do you need?

*please be as accurate as possible so we can get you scheduled and don’t have to change your price when we get there and measure your fence. If you don’t know, leave this field blank.

Ask about our other services for your custom home, including engraving, signs, decor, and more.