Renovations for Your Space

Whether you are looking for a new kitchen island, bathroom vanity, or full-room renovation or renewal, we’ve got you covered, indoor and outdoor.

From demolition and design to building and finishing, we can get the job done. When you trust us for your renovation or renewal needs, we will work hard for you.

We bring a wide range of options for your home. We can offer designs and materials we think will work best, or follow the design you already have in mind. With experience working with wood, metal, and epoxy, we can make sure your personalized space looks and feels great.

Contact Andrew Cannon for a free in-person estimate on refinishing, repair, and renovation projects:
call or text- 478-508-3753


Pricing depends on your project. If you have received an estimate from another company or handyman, please feel free to share that official estimate with us, and we will try to beat their estimated prices. As always, military, police, fire, medical, and non-profits receive special rates so we can show our appreciation for your service.

The money you spend goes further than with typical businesses. We are not currently in this to get rich. We desire to invest in our community. Proceeds from our work go to support youth development programs in Warner Robins. We use our service opportunities to teach trade skills to youth in order to help prepare them to live a successful life. Thank you in advance for making it possible for us to invest in younger generations.

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