Custom Top Order Form

Restaurants, RVs, Living Rooms, Dining, Mantles, and more

Please use this form to request a quote for your custom countertop or tabletop.

*picture of your specific pattern sample included for your approval.

*you are required to approve the final sample before we move forward.

At the beginning of March 2023, we instituted a new system to produce higher quality tops. If your tops were crafted prior to March 2023, our production standards are now different and we will not reproduce those tops.

These countertops, tabletops, and mantles feature any pattern you would like–custom designed for you in my lab. If you don’t know what kind of design you would like, send me a picture of the area it will sit at, and I will design something special for you. You will approve the sample before your top is produced.

Patterns are limitless, from labradorite to quarts to marble. I have even had requests to make countertops look like leaves, rivers, oceans, and beaches. I can create any effect or look you want, just ask.

I am available for custom orders. Custom orders require more time. I am available to craft any size and shape wood/epoxy countertop, tabletop, or shelf. Simply message me with any questions and to get your design started. You always approve your design before you are charged and your custom project is crafted. I am available for any custom build and installation request.

All orders are shipped with insurance. If your item is damaged in transit, please provide your local post office with proof and file a claim. The insurance payment should be made to you if the postal service has damaged your items.

I don’t simply pour epoxy. My method includes a series or pouring and sanding to produce a smooth top that is not sticky like epoxy pours from some other craftsman and does not smudge or get oily when touched (except the reflective finish).

If your item was not damaged by the postal service, and the epoxy and edges are uneven, I will recraft it. Simply send pictures, and I will compare them to the pictures I take before I sent your item and remake it if it is different.

My prices are what they are because of my commitment to quality work. If you are looking for more economic options, please send me a message at andrew@cannoncraftcuts with your budget constraints, and I will try to design something special that fits your budget.

I offer special wholesale and bulk pricing on all my crafts. Please contact me directly for more information.

Matte- Offers a muted finish that is easier to keep clean and produces a feel that is not glittery or flashy.

Satin- Reflects a little more light than matte, is still easy to clean, and produces a sleek, flat feel.

Gloss- Carries a little more depth and reflectivity than satin and produces a standard feel for a dining or meeting table. Still easy to clean, but does not carry perfect reflectivity.

Reflective- A super-gloss that carries perfect reflectivity and is the favorite among epoxy-buyers. It is more difficult to keep clean and smudge free but produces a beautiful, flashy gloss that reflects the environment.

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