Steel the Fire

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Want an item engraved? We are artistic in our design and want your cut to outlast any mere print-on. From charcuterie boards to wallets to knives, we will do better than merely put your name into some wood, unless that’s all you want. We want you to have elegant, well-designed, personal, one-of-a-kind tattoos for your stuff. We use a variety of techniques from CNC Laser Engraving to Chemical Engraving to Hand-Burning and Dremeling when necessary.

Do you have valuable or large things you would like engraved but don’t want them to leave the house (or can’t remove them from the house)? Ask about our mobile engraving service.

Pricing depends on the type of item being engraved. On most items, engraving costs $1/square inch. We have a flat rate for all tumblers-$15 for the first side per design and $7 for each additional side per design, $20/wrap. Yes, we offer bulk discounts and can provide simple items like tumblers, wood rounds, or ornaments. Be sure to check out our shop. We have special pricing for firearms and jewelry because of the special attention and time needed for those types of projects.


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