Referral Program

Yes, We Wood.

We offer our clients and business partners a great referral program. It works simply. Clients who refer other clients get a $10 engraving credit for each new referral. Businesses (including contractors, shop owners, artisans, and so on) and non-profits that refer their clients get a 10% referral commission for the referred job and an ongoing 1% referral commission for regularly scheduled maintenance jobs–that’s passive income based on your client’s needs and our services.

You can provide referrals two ways:

  1. Have the person you refer give us your name or your company name as the one who referred them. They’ll get 10% off for mentioning a referral partner.
  2. Provide us the contact information for the person you want to refer. They’ll receive a 10% off coupon. If they use our services or buy a product, you’ll receive your referral bonus.

On top of the amazing discounts we offer to non-profits, special bulk and wholesale pricing on products, and discount for public servants like police, fire, nurses, pastors, etc…, our referral program helps us to better serve other small businesses by offering a mutually beneficial system that helps produce more profits in the current economy without increasing prices.

The referral program also works for your goods. If your customers would like their new whatever it is engraved, we will happily partner with you, give your clients a 10% discount and provide you the referral commission. If you are interested in offering our engraving services through your local shop, please contact us, and we will get the promotional material to you to give your customers–custom designed with your shop’s logo so you are the one offering engravings.

There are two options if you want to offer our engraving services. We can either:

  1. Pick up the items to be engraved from your shop on a regular basis, or
  2. Connect with customers directly for their design needs.

Contact us to set up an appointment.

We look forward to partnering with your small business for the good of our community.

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