Low-Cost Renovations and Refinishing for Churches and Non-Profits

When it comes to revitalizing your property, I have a special place in my heart for non-profits. Because of your work for our community, you don’t often have the funds you need to get much-needed work done. Something as simple as a floor-refinish not only beautifies your property but actually makes it last much longerContinue reading “Low-Cost Renovations and Refinishing for Churches and Non-Profits”

Custom RV Tables Are In

Over the past several weeks, I’ve done more custom RV tables than anything else. Each one is unique, one-of-a-kind. My most recent client found me through an Etsy listing, and requested something completely different than what was described on that listing–not uncommon. Everyone wants something different. Some clients even send me pictures and simply say,Continue reading “Custom RV Tables Are In”